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Why aren’t the British Government doing more? #FREESGO6

Because we haven’t shouted loudly enough. These men have been abandoned by the British Government. They say they cannot interfere with the politics of another country…these men are war veterans who have proudly served their country in Iraq and Afghanistan and they have been cast aside with no explanation as to why. Everyone is utterly confused by this, we have questions and we want answers and we will not give up!

What are the British Government doing to help?

In short, nothing. That’s why we need you to sign the petition and share it on your social media.

Can we write to the men?

Yes, please email us on and we’ll send you the address you need and their prisoner numbers

Can we send parcels in?

Yes, please do, the men really appreciate anything sent to them that eases the conditions they are being kept in.

What are the next steps?

Keep an eye on our blog and facebook page for the latest news on this case.

BBC Look North (East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire)

The families of two East Yorkshire men jailed in India for firearms charges say they'll continue to fight against the…

Posted by BBC Look North (East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire) on Tuesday, 19 January 2016