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16 Jan 2016 — Many of you will now be aware that on Monday 11th of January we received the news that not one single person involved in this case could have predicted or even imaged.

All 35 men on board the Seaman Guard Ohio were found Guilty. All 35 men were given the same sentence, all 35 were found guilty of the same crime and all 35 men are now back in the most horrific conditions inside Puzhal Prison.

To think of them all back in Prison with no company to help them, no visits from family….they are not even allowed to call home. They are being completely cut off from the world. Its not right and something must be done.

We understand the British Government were shocked by the decision and never expected it. The have tried to Lobby but it hasn’t work. More needs to be done and it needs to be done now.

After a meeting on the 14th in Carlisle with all the families involved in this terrible nightmare it has been decided to amalgamate all petitions relating to this cause and all of the social media under the campaign ‪#‎FREESGO6‬ Petitioning as a whole will have far more impetus than as an individual.

The families have agreed to creating this one Facebook page where all links to the petition, fund raising and press will be displayed.

We have also started a fund for all 6 of the British men to be able to fund a lawyer. Along with the mission to seafarers we hope to raise £100,000 to ensure we have a reputable and honest lawyer who will represent the men. Alone we could never raise anywhere near that amount of money, but with your help and a small donation of £1 from everyone who has signed this petition we could definitely make it very close to our target.

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Information has reached us that Embassy Officials have visited and conditions are poor. The men are accommodated 23 to a cell measuring 10 x 15 without mattresses and are sleeping on concrete floors. They have no shoes. All these have to be bought but they have no money. They have water. They are allowed 2 cups of tea a day, 1egg a day and chicken once a week. This is unacceptable treatment for any human being let alone 35 innocent men. Please we implore you to share this statement as much as you can and keep sharing . We need the government to intervene and get these men home.


free the seaman guard ohio 6

print out and distribute our leaflet

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