update on #FREESGO6 I’m sorry to tell you it is not good news :-(

Few minutes ago the court has rejected the bail for all the 35 men on the grounds that, all the reasons advanced during the bail arguments has to be decided only during the main appeal. Since the trial court has convicted the men for possessing prohibited arms, at this stage bail cannot be granted. Hence the court has posted the main appeal to be heard on June 1st, 2016 and decide all the points raised during the bail arguments. From May 1-31 the courts are closed for summer vacation.

In few minutes from now we will hand over the trial court deposition documents which are in local language for official translation in English. This is mandatory for the supreme court.

As you can no doubt imagine, the families are devastated at this news and we are taking stock and talking with the lawyers  – we will update you as soon as we can on what can be done and our next steps

“Bail Has Been Rejected: We now have to wait until the 1st of June for the Main Appeal. At least another 4 months locked up in that hell hole, with no communications with family and friends, Their lives and freedom stolen from them, and all for what?

This verdict has left me with little hope of getting Billy back before William starts School and has left me completely crushed.” Yvonne

“The judge has rejected the bail application of the men pending appeal. The appeal is due to be heard in June – so that’s a 4 month wait for the men in prison. Yet more utter heartbreak and disappointment for the men and their families and friends. Who’d have thought a ship running out of fuel could result in all of this?! It’s completely incomprehensible. ” Joanne

“Hello everyone…I have always been well aware this would happen but I have started seeing comments on social media reference the men’s job choice such as “It’s Grey area”…..”They must have known the risks”…some people going as far as to brand the men as “Mercenary’s”

I am completely aware that everybody is able to give their own opinion…it’s a beautiful thing that we are entitled to in this part of the world.

However, as the son of Paul and somebody who has been heavily involved in this terrible situation…I would like to reassure everybody that there is no grey area regarding the men’s profession….Every one of our men is a totally professional and a law abiding person that spent a great deal of their own time doing the relevant courses and requirements to be in the job they were in. The only “Grey area” is the deeply upsetting and unfortunate judicial process they have been caught up in for over 2 years.

Anti piracy is a noble job that is only open and available to certain individuals. The job is simply to protect vessels and its crew from anybody who would do it or the people on board any harm. There are no “Cowboy” aspects. A weapon will only be fired if the lives of any of the crew are in immediate danger from an outside threat or if it absolutely needed. The men cannot afford to take shortcuts in drills or in their job roles.

Thank you for reading and thank you again for the ongoing support of my dad and the rest of the men

– Jordan ‪#‎Freethebeard‬

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