The bail hearing has now been advanced a day to 23rd February

The bail hearing has now been advanced a day to 23rd February (I think it’s the first time during the whole case that we’ve had anything advanced rather than delayed!) The lawyer met all of the men in prison yesterday and said they are doing well but are obviously desperate to be freed on bail as soon as possible. So we’re hoping that with a new week comes more progress with the case. More updates to follow next week.


Once again, we have had further anticipation, nerves and frustration with the progression of this case. We had the initial court hearing earlier this morning with regards to the bail application that the lawyers have submitted. First and foremost, we need Nick and all the men to be released from prison as soon as possible while the lawyers continue with the appeal procedure against the guilty verdict and sentence. The bail application was heard in the High Court where all charges were already previously dropped in July 2014. The judge has adjourned the verdict of bail being granted until he hears the counter arguments of the prosecution as to why they feel the men shouldn’t get bail. This has been adjourned until 24th February. It’s not really come as any huge surprise but it still doesn’t make it any less frustrating or distressing. It’s still more anxious waiting ahead. From previous experience, it wouldn’t be a total surprise if, after hearing the counter arguments on the 24th, the judge adjourns it once again to then give his verdict of whether bail for Nick and the other men will be granted. It gets very difficult at times to continue to be upbeat and positive but it is never altogether lost because we know of their complete innocence and because of the immense and tremendous support we get everyday from family, friends, our local community and total strangers. Thank you once again doesn’t come close xx


Bail Hearing has been moved to Tuesday the 23rd of February. The lawyers have been into see Billy and the other men. They are keeping ok health wise at the moment but desperate to get out of prison and for the appeal to be heard. Will hopefully have a very positive update come Tuesday


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