news and star no bail for cumbrian man

No bail decision for Cumbrian man imprisoned in India

THE wait continues for a Cumbrian man imprisoned in India.

A bail hearing took place this morning, where lawyers in Chennai hoped to free the 35 crew members of the Seaman Guard Ohio on bail.

Six Britons, including Wigton’s John Armstrong, are among those who were last month convicted of the illegal possession of firearms in international waters and sentenced to five years in jail.

They have always vigorously denied the charges, insisting they were simply going about their daily job as armed security guards for an American anti-piracy firm.

The Britons’ families have united to form the #FreeSGO6 campaign, which is calling for the British Government to intervene and see the men freed. They have not been allowed out of India since their arrest in October 2013.

The campaign’s first step is trying to get the men freed on bail, while they also press ahead with an appeal.

The first bail hearing took place today but there was no decision. Further legal arguments are now scheduled for next week.

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